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Are you puzzled or tired of looking best health and fitness blog? Then you have luckily came to the right site. Healthsolucion has the exclusive international survey report regarding health and fitness of human being.

We have authenticated and valuable report, data and information for all the branches of health and fitness. We are specialist in data science. We help you to find the perfect choice in every sphere of healthy living.

So, here we bring the best health and fitness blog based on research and important information to remain healthy and fit.

Muscle and fitness:

The blog is already very much popular for its workout plans, advise for building muscle and to improve nutrition a human being needs in his daily life. The blog is dedicated to cover the fitness landscape.

They have a strategy to introduce new trends in training, nutrition, gear, and technology to their fans and follower. The blog also Athletes & Celebrity category under which it covers various interview, tips from those successful celebrities.

Website: muscleandfitness.com

Fit Bottomed Girls:

Fit Bottomed Girls is one of the most popular blogs for women. They love the blog because of its content variety. People get bored while maintaining fitness and exercise. This is the reason for what lots of women give up exercise in the midway of their journey. This site gives you the enthusiasm to keep going on. They show you how anyone can lead a stress-free healthy lifestyle and help to grow the inner confidence to cope with your body. Under fitness page, you will find all kind of cardio workouts and building muscle workout.

The individual guide of fitness helps you to work out by yourself with a satisfactory result. Due to varieties, you will find the perfect one which will work for you with respect to your body weight and height index. The site has a major category of Fitness, Mamas, Eats, Zen, Coaching, and Podcast. Under the fitness category, you will find a blog, workout, and reviews. One important category for women ‘Mamas’ that describe pregnancy, before a child, parenting which is really helpful for women. Zen is another category where one will find inspiration blog, meditation topic for daily life.

The music playlist will add fun on your daily exercise, nutrition part provide you healthy recipes, and podcast will stimulate your energy on your fitness goal. So, Fit Bottomed Girls is a wise choice if you are heading to keep yourself fit, exciting and persistent.
Website: Fitbottomedgirls.com


The fitnessista is one of the innovative and artistic blogs under the category of fitness. The slogan of the site ‘being fit is always in style’ says what it is. Gina, a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and weight loss specialist is the owner of this site who started writing the blog when she lost 40 lb weight while maintaining.

In addition, as a wife, and as a mom Gina focused on quick workouts, quick recipes, and adventures. In her blog, she takes all the experience from being wife to mom and as a mother of two daughters she has furnished the blog with real-life experience. She describes being a mom how to remain fit and stylish.

The site has postpartum fitness, Recipe, fitness, family category among the others type. The recipe includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The fitness category has a clear guideline. The site also contains a shop, book, and podcast.
Gina has traveled various place and she loves to stay in a different part of the world for a period of time. This has enriched her with versatile taste, adventure, and experience. She writes healthy, easy and family-friendly recipes and how she does exercise. The best part of this site is, all she writes here with her practical experience which is tested and verified in a simple way which can be done anywhere anytime.

Website: Fitnessista.com


Fitbit is a fantastic site founded by Eric and James to change the traditional way of health and fitness. At present, a dedicated and well-experienced team is working to develop products that will transform people’s lives.

Their vision was to begin a journey with a wearable product that will change the way we move. As a part of that, they have become the best seller on the tracker. The fitbit charge 3 is the latest one. Their mission is to empower people a healthier life. Keeping that in mind they design products that will help to achieve the fitness goal of the individual.

Website: Fitbit.com

Breaking Muscle:

Breaking Muscle is the name in the fitness world, who look for timely, high-quality guideline on exercise, fitness, and health. The site has also a nutrition plan.

Breaking Muscle is a community-based platform, which encompasses a huge no. of visitors and followers who are engaged with the full range of the fitness community such as consumers, fitness professionals, and business entrepreneur.
This platform provides you with practical experience from experts and athletes. Here you will find genuine, practical and fruitful discussion and information. You will love this community and hence this is your platform.
Breaking muscle also has legacy publications, which are: Trending, premium Training plan, free Training Plan, coaches, and Ebook.

Website: breakingmuscle.com

Carrots ‘N’ Cake:

Carrots ‘N’ Cake, the name is not about fitness, right? But it is an amazing place with the innovative idea for all things related to fitness and health. Tina, a certified exercise professional and nutritionist is all in all of this site.

The site has all kind of advice on food and workout guideline. She has shown how to live a balanced life. The workout guideline explains how you can get maximum out of it with respect to your body. The site has one popular section which is ‘Fit Pregnancy’ for women, where she explains a lot of things related to before and after pregnancy.
The site has videos that go along with many of the guides to make things easy to understand. Besides, the site has a lifestyle section, where one will get beauty products suitable for her. Carrots ‘N’ Cake really does cover all the section of healthy living, weight loss, and lifestyle you need to know. You will surely enjoy it.

Website: carrotsncake.com

Final Word: Hope you have enjoyed the above best health and fitness blog list from Healthsolucion. We will bring more exciting things for you in the upcoming days. Just be confirmed that we will give you the best. So, keep exploring.

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