Celebrity Weight Loss


Celebrity Weight Loss

Have you ever thought, what do you want in life? Well, it depends on and found that people want to be rich, powerful, someone wants to be a superstar or world-renowned celebrity, and few of them want to have a healthy body. Whatever you achieve in life, without good health your wealth is not worth any more.

That’s why people are now very much aware of health and want to lose weight, want to eat healthy food and do exercise. Interestingly, being curious people search for celebrity weight loss because in the media it is seen that celebrity maintain a healthy figure throughout the career, which is an example for the followers. Hence, people also want to know how the celebrity or superstars became successful? What do they eat? What do they do?

In view of the above, healthsolucion has done a study over the celebrity to help people out by giving the valuable information and secrets, which are as follows-


Jennifer Hudson :

Who does not love the song of Jennifer Hudson, the heartbeat of many music lovers? Most of the people know about only her songs but does anybody know about her weight loss story? Yes, surprisingly, she has done it with all her devotion as like as she made the success in music. So, how she did it? Is there any secret or shortcut way?


Well, she does not have much time for work out or exercises due to business in the studio. So, she put her best effort in food whatever she takes. As she said,” she is very much careful and cautious of what she eats and what she put in her body”.”.

She knows how to overcome the temptation of junk food, which is her first thing. Secondly, she did not take any extraordinary diet rather she take simple healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, egg, chicken, salad etc. So, finally, the secret of her success is whatever food she takes it has to be healthy and within the limit as per her body requirement without being tempted by any junk food.


Holly Madison :

Girls next door star Holly Madison is one of the popular celebrity know to all for her show. However, she is not a successful star in the media rather successful in her personal life also.


She has a success story on weight control. She did not have enough time to do exercise. So, she took an approach which is maintaining a perfect diet. So, she started to follow a low carb diet. Besides, she eats a protein bar, fruit, salad, avocado etc. but she avoids all sort of fast food to maintain ideal weight.


Mariah Carey :

The sensational singer marked her success in every step of singing. She got lots of award and appreciation for her singing. The singer has another unknown successful story, which is losing weight. After pregnancy she naturally got weight and after giving birth she planned to lose weight.


To do so, she started to follow Jenny Craig diet regular basis. Jenny Craig is scientifically proven program. She took as per her requirements and successfully lost her weight. Mariah Carey is very much aware of unhealthy eating and the importance of exercise in daily life.


Jonah Hill :

American actor, director, a producer is known to all. He has been doing excellent throughout his career. In every phase whether actor, director or producer, he has done wonderfully. Likewise, another remarkable achievement is weight loss.


So, how he did it? Well, it is not rocket science, just work hard and eat healthily. The first thing he did is, visited a nutritionist took the guidance. Secondly, cutting out beer from his diet which helped him a lot as per his statements. Third, he did maintain a moderate exercise and got in a better shape with the help of his personal trainer. Regarding food he has tried several times  Japanese food as a part of his healthy diet, which helps him to remain focus on track.


Ricki Pamela Lake :

American actress, television presenter, and producer is also known to everyone. She has been more popular for her talk show and she was the youngest person to host a syndicated talk show at the time.


However, Lake has been impressed by the viewer due to her weight control achievement. She has been an example of doing exercise by dancing regular basis time to time. She was a bit relaxed with calorie restriction but due to strict maintaining regular exercise and dancing, she has been able to maintain a slim and fit body.


Jordin Sparks :

American singer, songwriter, and actress became familiar in 2007 after becoming the American Idol at age 17. She is the youngest winner of the series. She has been successful from her early age in every spare of life. The idol has also a successful history of losing weight of 35 pounds. To do so, she followed the simple technique, which is walking around the home.


Then she gradually increases the distance and speed to reach the apex of a mountain near her home, and till then never look back. She has proved that by doing a simple exercise with a high ambition and strength of mind, one can be successful to maintain a perfect weight.


Aretha Franklin :

American singer, a songwriter is also known as a civil rights activist and actress. She has been thrilled about her weight loss because she was highly overweight. She had lost 85 lbs after being hospitalized and till then she has changed her lifestyle.


She has changed diet such as left ham hocks, chitlins and started for whole foods. This is how she has been maintaining her new size with utmost sincerity and all the possible way.


Kelly Osbourne :

British singer and actress have been known in the media for singing, acting, presenting and fashion designer also. When her career went from strength-to-strength, her weight was often fluctuating due to her food habit as she called “emotional eater”.


Then she became serious about her health and starts to avoid unhealthy food. As a part of that, she starts a vegan diet. By following all of these things she has been successful to lose weight.


Drew Barrymore :

Many of us know the name of  Barrymore family and as a member of that family, Drew Barrymore is familiar to all as an American actress, producer, director, model. In course of time, she gets some fat due to personal life and breakdown of her marriage. However, she has shown an impressive weight loss of her Netflix series Santa Clarita. The secret is, she intakes more protein in her diet than the carb. She adds some fish and chicken with the vegetables. Secondly, she has been so disciplined about her diet that nothing can tempt her to eat food like pizza.


Kimberly Kardashian :

American reality television personality and entrepreneur has also a success story of losing weight. She has lost 20 lbs weight. The method she followed is doing hard work out in the gym.


She told that she use to do work out almost daily for one and a half hour. Devotion and hard work made her possible to lose weight and gives her the best shape ever in her life.


Ricky Gervais :

Losing weight is not difficult anymore which has been proved by Ricky Gervais, an actor, writer, singer. Despite business of personal life, he lost about 20 pounds by following the easiest way which is just getting active and running.


He has just maintained the jogging on regular basis and got the result.


Sara Rue :

Sara is a popular actress in America is known to all She had also a successful history of weight loss and according to her it is within yourself i.e. you can control what you put in the body.


To lose weight she started Jenny Craig as a part of helping tool to lose weight. But she made it in her way which is simple, effective and easy going. That’s the secret for herself.

Final Word:

Finally, from the above-stated celebrity weight loss success stories and facts, you will get various important and effective method to lose weight and healthy lifestyle. Hence, keeping all the idea in mind you have to find your way to get success because each person in this world by born has some unique characteristics and way of life. Losing weight is not a rocket science, it is really easy even if you can follow these simple methods on regular basis with a strong desire in mind. So, do believe in yourself, it is your life and “You” can do it only and you will do it.

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