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The concept of Health:

Health is the blessing of a living being if one has good Health. It is the combination of body and mind when they function properly. WHO(World Health Organization) defined health as “A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” Physical exercise, mental peace and nutritious food are the key components of good health.

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The person who does not have good health he only knows the price of it. One cannot live a life without good health as it is the basis of success, celebration, and enjoyment. A rich man who is sick leads an unhappy life and he spends his wealth again to remain healthy and well. So, wealth does not remain wealth without good health.

An unhealthy person will not be able to work properly which in turn will have an individual and socio-economical impact.

Hence, a healthy body is the most important as well as the precious asset for a living person that allows a person to prosper and achieve his full potential.

Importance of Health:

Complete Health Solution Naturally

Healthy habit helps us preventing some diseases like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure. Taking care of cholesterol and blood pressure within the limit helps to keep cholesterol and blood pressure in control which subsequently allow blood flowing smoothly and decrease the chance of cardiovascular diseases.

A healthy person enjoys food in compare to a sick person and moreover, various kind of delicious food is prohibited for the sick person.

Stress is a part of life. From family to workplace everywhere stress is there. No one can avoid the stress. So, a person with the healthy body will be able to bear the stress in life in a better way.

Life is short and within the short period if someone remains unhappy and sick most of the time, then how can he enjoy this beautiful life? On the other hand, a healthy person leads a longer life without less strain and pain and enjoys everything.

Effects of unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet on the body:

Due to a change in technology over the past years, people tend to spend more time on computer and gadgets and ignore the importance of wellness.

Poor health is more likely to be affected by various kind of diseases than that of the good one as the immune system remain less active for the former one. As a result, more often he will feel dizzy and weak. He will not be able to work hard. Moreover, he may suffer from various injury as well.

A weak person will not get a strong inclination to work for hours. Rather he will be living his life just to keep heart and soul together. As a result, he will be running short of his dream, goal, and vision. He has to compromise with his dream.

Due to the lack of body fitness and flexibility players get injured randomly. Hence it is the basic requirement to have outstanding body fitness to be a good player.

People work hard for money at the cost of health and again spend this money to remain healthy”-Healthsolucion

Human Body Systems and Functions:

The human body is the anatomy of complex organisms. It is comprised of blood circulation system, bones-joints and Muscles system, brain and nerves, Digestive system, ear-nose, and throat system, immune system, kidney and urinary system, lungs-heart-breathing system, eyes and vision system, mouth and teeth, skin-hair-nail and many more. Among which some important parts are as follows-

    1. Blood
    2. Bones, Joints, and Muscles
    3. Brain and Nervous System
    4. Digestive System
    5. Ear, Nose, and Throat System
    6. Kidney and Urinary system
    7. Lung and Heart System
    8. Mouth and Teeth
    9. Eyes
    10. Skin
    11. Hair

The function of the above organ of the body is described below-


Blood is comprised of liquid and solids. The liquid part is plasma, which consists of water, salts, and protein. More than half of our blood is plasma and the solid part of our blood have red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.



How to keep blood healthy:

Food type Name
Vegetables Spinach, asparagus, broccoli, green peas, tomatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, beans
Fruits watermelon, apple, oranges, strawberries, papaya, grapefruit, banana, peach, mulberries, guava,  litchis, kiwi
Protein Whole egg, chicken, liver, oysters, meat, seafood, red lean meat
Water Plenty of water
Exercise Regular exercise produces much hemoglobin to meet the increasing demand for oxygen for the body.
Avoid Smoking Since smoking pollutes blood hence avoiding smoking will keep blood fresh than before

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Bones, Joints, and Muscles:

Bone provide support of body from Head to toes. It is the key ingredient of our skeleton which gives the shape of our body. Skull protect the brain and give the shape of the face. The spinal cord is the bridge between brain and body. We have 206 number of bones in our skeleton.

Bone growing continues for entire life as a body constantly renew and reshape the bones living tissues. Bones are comprised of calcium, sodium, phosphorus and other minerals.

To maintain a strong and healthy bone one should maintain the following vitamin and minerals in meals:

  •         Food with vitamin D
  •         Calcium enriched food

Complete Health Solution Naturally

Joints are the meeting point of two bones and joints make the skeleton flexible. As joints can be folded hence movement is possible. To keep joints movable and healthy one should do the following things:

  •         Exercise, stretch and warm up prior exercise
  •         Don’t over exercise
  •         Lose weight

It is Muscles which facilitate heart to beat, chest to rise and fall while breathing. So, from birth to death some muscles in the body moves continuously in our body. Muscles move various part of the body by contracting and relaxing. It works as flexor and extensor.

To keep Muscles healthy one need to maintain:

  •         Healthy diet
  •         Warm up and cool down before exercise
  •         Eating a balanced diet is important to keep weight in control
  •         Nitrous food will help to grow muscle well


Brain and nervous system:

The brain controls the function of the body and nervous system distributes the message to parts of the body. The brain not only controls what we think and feel but also the breathing of heart, digestion of food which means every single action performed by our every part of the body.



        How to maintain healthy Brain:

  •         Omega-3 fat enriches food such as sardines, walnuts, wild salmon.
  •         Omega-3 eggs are also good for the brain
  •         Balance and nitrous diet
  •         Physical exercise and fitness are also important to keep the brain healthy.

Digestive system:

Food is the fuel of the body and after eating food our body breaks down it into a form which builds and nourish cells and subsequently generates energy. The entire process is called a digestive system which starts from mouth to our anus and includes the esophagus, stomach, and intestines. In the system, our liver, gallbladder, and pancreas are also involved which creates juices to help digestion.

      Complete Health Solution Naturally  

To keep a healthy digestive system one should do the following thing-

  •         Eating high fiber containing food
  •         Limiting eating food with fat
  •         Staying hydrated
  •         Eating on schedule
  •         Regular exercise and maintaining fitness
  •         Avoiding Smoking, alcohol


Ear, Nose, and Throat system:

The ear has three main parts- outer, middle and inner. Sound waves come from the outer part and reached to middle part where it vibrates. Then the vibration reaches the inner part where the inner ear makes the nerve impulses which, is sent to the brain. Our brain read it as sound.

How to keep a healthy ear:

Complete Health Solution Naturally

       Using earplugs when loud noises

        Avoiding using cotton swabs

        Keeping ear dry

        To avoid high volume of a song

        Managing stress level

        Regular check up



Nose filters the air we breathe, remove dust and germs. The nose also has the cell which assists a sense of smell. Nose is a part of the respiratory system.

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How to keep a healthy nose:

  •         Maintaining the room humidity at 55%
  •         To clean home regularly
  •         Avoiding close contact with carpets to avoid allergies
  •         To avoid smoking

Throat: Throat is the tube through which food is carried to the esophagus. People suffer from a sore throat for several reasons such as smoking, allergies, tonsillitis. The throat is a part of the respiratory system.

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Immune system:

The immune system is a network of cell, organ, and tissues which protect our body from germs and keep us healthy and well.
How to keep a healthy immune system:

  •         Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and water
  •         Regular exercise
  •         Maintain a neat and clean life
  •         Get enough sleep
  •         Keeping healthy weight

Kidney and Urinary System:

The kidney is a very important organ of our body which filters the blood and removes wastes and extra water, which is urine.
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How to keep healthy kidneys:

  •         Drinking plenty of fluid
  •         Staying hydrated
  •         Regular exercise
  •         Limit sugar, salt, and caffeine
  •         Eating a balanced diet

Lung and Heart System:

The lung is one of the most important organs of our body. When we breathe, our lung takes in oxygen and deliver to the bloodstream. The cell of the body needs oxygen to grow and work.

Complete Health Solution Naturally

How to keep healthy lungs:

  •         Simple deep breathing
  •         Staying hydrated
  •         Regular exercise
  •         Quit smoking

The heart pumps blood to all of the body’s cells through blood vessels. The blood carries oxygen which the cell needs.

Complete Health Solution Naturally

How to keep a healthy heart:

  •         Eating healthy nitrous food
  •         Avoiding fatty food
  •         Regular exercise
  •         Manage blood pressure
  •         Manage blood cholesterol
  •         Manage diabetes
  •         Get enough sleep
  •         Don’t sit for too long at one time
  •         Avoid smoking
  •         Eat vegetables
  •         Eat fresh fruits
  •         Maintain a healthy weight

Mouth and Teeth

The mouth which consists of teeth, lips, and tongue help the digestion by chopping up food. Mouth is also essential for speech.

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How to keep a healthy mouth:

  •         Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  •         Floss your teeth at least once in a day
  •         Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco
  •         Regular dentist follow up


Eyes are an important part of our body since people rely on the eye to see the world. Seeing is believing and by seeing one can make sense about the world. Our eyes work with the brain to recognize size, shape, color, distance, and texture of an object.

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How to keep healthy eyes:

  •         Regular check up
  •         At least 8 hours sleep and rest in a day
  •         To take a mini nap
  •         Avoiding rubbing eye
  •         Get colorful fruits and vegetables


Skin is the largest organ of the body which holds fluid in, prevent dehydration. Helps us to feel cold, heat and pain.

How to keep skin healthy and beautiful:

  •         Drink plenty of water
  •         Eat organic food
  •         Eat food with antioxidant


Hair is a modified type of skin. Hair grows more quickly in summer than winter. It is normal if one lose up to 100 hairs a day. Excessive hair loss may be due to a certain disease such as thyroid problem, diabetes or lupus.

  •         Eating the right food such as- nuts, Oyster, Eggs, Salmon, Avocado
  •         Keeping scalp clean and healthy
  •         Brush your hair daily
  •         Eat food with vitamin C and Biotin

Health Tips: 

The following tips can be applicable:

  1. Healthy Food

  2. Sufficient Water

  3. Physical exercise

  4. Lose excess weight

  5. Healthy Lifestyle

  6. Healthy Mind

Healthy Food:

Food is the oil of human body which keeps running however unhealthy food also is the curse for human since it generates various diseases and has to suffer for lifelong. It is difficult to avoid junk food and unhealthy food since those are alluring by nature. But the person with strong control power makes the difference.

Complete Health Solution Naturally

So, it is highly important to find healthy foods to eat every day, healthy food recipes, to be healthy and to lose weight also. A few common healthy food tips are listed below-

  •         Maintain a diet  or meal where fruits and vegetables exist
  •         low carb diet is preferable
  •         Natural food is suitable
  •         Add in lean meat, low-fat dairy products, whole grains
  •         Drink plenty of water

Sufficient water:

There are so many questions about how much water to drink a day calculator, how much water should one drink a day in liters, how much water should I drink to lose weight and how much water is too much or how much water to drink for glowing skin etc. everyday in peoples mind because it is known by everybody that water is very much important for life but how much per day?

There are different opinion regarding the topic but in general, most of the Health authorities recommend a standard level of water to drink a day for life and it depends also. Besides, it is necessary to check whether a person is dehydrated or not.

Physical exercise:

People are highly interested to know kind of or list of exercise, benefits of it, workout, exercise at home and so on because regular activity or workout keeps people healthy. But what are that effective exercise to keep you healthy, to lose weight and a fresh mind?

The general key points are stated as below-

Complete Health Solution Naturally

  •         Work out regularly
  •         Morning Walking or afternoon walking has to be the regular basis
  •         Bodybuilding is an advanced level of fitness if one can do
  •         Regular playing football, basketball, rugby, volleyball
  •         If possible one may try for 6-pack abs if he has fitness

Lose Excess Weight:

Due to change in technology and habit of people, we tend to move less and work for hours sitting in the same place, one of the concerned questions among the people is how to lose weight? They want to know weight loss tips, foods, weight loss supplements, weight loss diet & exercise.

It is observed that excess weight is the root reason for many diseases. So, a person who is conscious about his or her health, they want to lose weight in effective ways since it is the combination of diet, exercise, lifestyle to remain revive and healthy.

Healthy Lifestyle:

  •         Quit smoking
  •         Remain strict with sleep habit
  •         Do the regular physical checkup
  •         Have fun
  •         Have sex on the regular basis
  •         Always stay active

Healthy Mind:

Complete Health Solution Naturally

  •         Remain mentally stimulated
  •         Manage stress
  •         Sleep well
  •         Follow your passion
  •         Remain in tune with the hobby
  •         Read regularly so that each day you can enrich with knowledge
  •         Practice Yoga
  •         Do Meditation

Complete Health Solution Naturally

Final word to remember:

As prevention is better than cure hence one should be conscious of health before time is over. So, one should take care of the body since it the only place where one has to live in.


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