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The Secret of Healthy Food

When you realize there are no food items in the world which can work as a magic bullet for weight loss then according to your food plan certain healthy food can help you achieve your weight-loss goals. Sometimes you can be surprised to know that simple food item that is available in your kitchen has the ability to bring massive benefit for weight loss planning. In simple, you should burn more calories than consuming by having healthy food. Moreover, it those food has certain vitamins which will keep you away from diseases and helps you to lead a healthy life.

The Food Recipe For Healthy Food:

There are certain foods such as eggs, beans, spinach, popcorns, almonds, apple, cinnamon, and olive-oil which maintain a balanced diet for our daily life and in turn which keep us healthy, which are as follows-

food for weightloss





When you try to find a food which contains a lot of protein then EGG will be your desired items.  Eggs also provide essential nutrients like vitamin D and choline. It has the ability to make a powerhouse of weight loss in the body. Proteins of eggs always increase satiety while regulating hunger and appetite hormones. Sometimes protein also helps prevent spikes in blood sugar. Egg yolk contains 3 fatty acid, vitamins, and antioxidants.

1 egg contains 78 calories


beans for weight loss


Bean is one of the foods that is enriched with high in fiber that helps to control hunger. Beans can create major impact health benefits like lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol also keep safe from cardiovascular disease.

Cholecystokinin is the best weight loss plan. Beans will be your answer to get that. 100 grams beans contain 339 calories.


spinach and weight loss

spinach for weight loss

In order to maintain nutritious food, it is Importance to eat green vegetables, we have been heard from our childhood. Different Vitamins like K, A, contains green leafy vegetables. Iron, folate, calcium, protein, zinc also found in this green source. The digestive system achieves greet benefit from the fiber of green vegetables.

Spinach can be consumed in many ways like

  • Adding with salad
  • With soup

100 grams spinach contains 23 calories.

Popcorn as a nutritious food:


popcorn as weight loss


Do you want a snack for weight-loss ?? Take  Popcorn without any hesitation. Popcorn not only provides fiber but also deliver some protein. About 3 ½, contains almost 4 grams of protein and 110 calories. For only 100 calories you can eat 3 cups of popcorn.

Almonds as nutritious food:

almonds as weight loss snack


Almonds have the ability to check the blood sugar level in the body. When you gain more blood sugar then overweight also gained equally. Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, Almonds are the best source to get those. It is also a great combination of fiber and different types of nutrients like magnesium, antioxidants.

10 grams of almonds contain 57 calories.


Green apple for weight loss


Apple is one of the key health food for our daily life. The recommendation to take fiber in daily for men is 11 percent and for women that ration is 16 percent. Where medium-sized apple contains 4 grams of fiber. The fiber of apple also helps to create an impact to improve digestion process it also feeds healthy bacteria in your gut.

100 grams apple contains 52 calories.


Like almonds Cinnamon also helps to the blood sugar level in check, also preventing cardiovascular disease. According to the research from the U.S Department of agriculture can control post-meal insulin spikes.

100 grams of cinnamon contains 247 calories and it is also an important healthy food.

Olive- oil:

Healthy Food Recipes | Lose Weight | Health Solution

The risk of type – 2 diabetes can be decreased by the use of olive oil in food items. Olive oil enriched with poly-phenol that helps to reduce galling and improve the health condition. Antioxidants, anti-cancer properties are available in olive oil.100 grams of olive oil contains 884 calories.

Healthy and Nutritious Food to Lose Weight:

Healthy and nutritious food to lose weight is something like food engineering in a way that weight will be lost without compromising the essential vitamins and minerals of the human body. Here helthsolucion healthy food brings the secret how to do that magic, where it states to emphasize to cut carbs, calories etc in a perfect way.

Final Word:

Healthy food is all about healthy diet which contains all sort of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 enriched food, sufficient water etc which is very much important for health and wellness.

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