Susan Boyle Weight Loss: Britain’s Got Talent’ Super Star | ‘I dreamed a dream’

What is Susan Boyle doing now? Why she has been absent from the spotlight for years although having God gifted voice? No, it is not fair. And she breaks the silence, she appeared in Instagram recently!  The latest news about Susan Boyle weight loss and so many things to know. So, you will be amused and lucky to know all the valuable information from

Susan Boyle Weight Loss

Susan Boyle, a Scottish singer drew the attention across the border when she appeared TV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ by singing ‘I dreamed a dream’. Then she did not look back and made a history one after another such as weight loss celebrity, philanthropist, honorary Doctorates and Guinness world records.

All the success story is under her basket now and among those Susan Boyle weight loss was a viral in the social media and mass media which includes how much weight did Susan Boyle lose, the secret of weight loss and so on.

Susan Boyle weight loss photos: People love to see Susan Boyles weight loss photographs as seeing is believing. They become motivated by seeing those pictures. Everybody knows weight gain is a usual process if one does not maintain a diet. But to lose weight is really hard because it is more about sacrifice, compromise, discipline, and self-motivation. Here we go, Susan Boyle weight loss before and after:

Susan Boyle Weight Loss

How did Susan Boyle lose weight:  Susan Boyle weight loss transformation is another milestone of her success story.  Wherever she has put her footsteps, she made it possible and successful. She did everything in such a way that she has become an icon for her hundreds of thousands of followers.

Susan Boyle was healthy since her childhood. At that time overweight was not a problem. However, when she was growing up then she started to struggle.  She was overweight and due to that, she had to face a different situation.

In 2012 Susan was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Our regular food generates glucose in our body. Insulin is a hormone, produced in our body that functions to get glucose into body cells to convert into energy. Now, when blood glucose levels get higher than the actual level then the situation is called type 2 diabetes.

When the doctor diagnosed that Susan Boyle was affected by diabetic, she was upset but she did not lose her heart. She starts fighting with the weight and she decided to start living a healthy life.

Many weight loss history is about gaining weight all of a sudden and then losing weight by following some method.

But for Susan Boyle, it was fairly different as she was overweight since her childhood and till then she never thought about it. So, weight loss was the most challenging task for her.

Surprisingly, Susan Boyle lost weight of 50 lbs successfully and got slimmer. To do so she followed the simple methods on a regular basis.

Susan Boyle weight loss diet:  Her diet was simple which includes vegetable and protein. She followed a low carb diet to avoid sugar and eat vegetables.

  • Avoid Sugar: She has told in many mass media that she has stopped taking all the food which contains sugar. Obviously, food like sweets, cakes, processed foods, pastries, ice creams, alcohol, energy drinks, and packaged juice was one of the key sources of sugar and she had to avoid that food
  • Exercise: Susan has set a great lesson for men and women who have aged more than 50 years. Because it is never easy to lose weight at the age of 5o due to less flexibility in body joints. So, the workout is difficult to do, jogging and running is also created joints pain sometimes.

So, she started just walking 2 miles a day regular basis, which really worked for her to burn the fat and this is one of the secrets of Susan Boyle’s weight loss.

Susan Boyle 2018: Susan Boyle break the silence and appeared in Instagram last month. This reveals that she is coming back. In the post, it was written that Susan Boyle is ready to remind the world of her lovely voice that delighted hundreds of thousands of her fan over the past years of her journey.

Susan Boyle Weight Loss

There was a rumor that Susan Boyle has died. However, she has been seen on Instagram last month and her fans expect that she will make a comeback soon.

Final Word:

Susan Boyle is a legendary example of self-motivation, determination and God gifted voice. Despite her physical complexity, she did not stop her from singing. At the age of 50, Susan Boyle loses weight by taking care of her health.

She has been a motivational icon for you also. If she can do it with so many hurdles then why cannot you? Yes, you can do it. Start taking care of your health today, and weight loss will happen naturally. you will soon start to shine!


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