Top Ten Bodybuilding Blogs you can follow

Top Ten Bodybuilding Blogs you can follow

Internet era riched with online resource among them different blogs able to create the impact on our daily life.
Already 6 months have passed by in a flash. If you want to start your weight loss strategy in reaming time of 2018 you have to make it hurry.
Start your new your with a better shape than the previous year. For your fitness journey, health and fitness blogs are a great resource.
Health and fitness blogs are run by experts for a novice to advanced level. Backed tips, smart workout plans, motivation, Wells of useful information, stories, anecdotes, products, and ideas moreover these blogs can teach you new exercises and recipes, answer any questions, even they are able to offer you a community to connect and interact with.

There are so many blogs on the internet, you should be able to find one for every health and fitness.
Of Luckily, we have compiled the top 10 health and fitness blogs to follow in 2018.

top body building blog

Top blogs:


1.  Fitbottomedworld

Certified fitness professionals Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour run the fit bottom world. The main focus on the idea that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes. This blog especially for women who are busy in there life. This popular blog is a great combo of real talk, laughs, workouts, motivation, and more.


2.  ACE :

ACE is a leading nonprofit exercise professional even health coach certification organization. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) Founded in 1985. This organization committed to America’s health and wellbeing. Over the past 30 years. The ACE is dedicated to helping people committed to America’s health and wellbeing by providing scientifically supported education and information to fitness enthusiasts, professionals, coaches, and trainers.

3. Born Fitness

Born Fitness was designed to remove stress about your health, fitness, or nutrition. They help their visitor by providing clear, helpful answers by the world’s best experts. They bring lots of good trainers, nutritionists, researchers, and writers under one roof. You will get more information about nutrition, recipes also able to read the success stories.

4. Remodel Fitness

Save women from their own negative body image is the mission of Remodel Fitness. Fitness trainer Jessi Kneeland founder of this blog You will get the post about the body-positivity movement and how to build self-esteem as a grown-ass adult. Remodel Fitness also run some program: Authentic Body Confidence, Private coaching, The Empowered Women Project Body Image Alchemy Blueprint.

5. YogaDork

Yoga is a form of exercise that provides Strength, Agility, and Flexibility. If you want to start your day with yoga then YogaDork can provide you best guideline. They offer plenty of easy-to-read infographics and hilarious posts for good measure. Its one of the best place for yogis, or otherwise, to convene and converse, to chat about yoga, yoga-related things

6.  Love Sweat Fitness

Created by a certified personal trainer Katie Dunlop. Love Sweat Fitness has also a YouTube channel has over 9.5 million views and 220,000+ subscribers. Katie Dunlop’s blog is riched with fun, informative, and honest, offering readers a weekly workout, inspiring quotes, delicious and healthy recipes as all the information you might need about weight loss struggles.

7.  Lift Like a Girl

Nia Shanks created “Lift Like a Girl”. She is an expert on Exercise Physiology. Nia encourages women of all sizes and from all backgrounds to start strength training. In her blog, she writes about how women can be more, the best bodyweight exercises to do and why exercise should never be considered punishment for eating.

8.  12 Minute Athlete

12 Minute Athlete founded by Krista Stryker. Basically, it is not a blog but an app that helps users HIIT workouts 12 Minute Athlete believes that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym in order to get in shape, even less impact on equipment. They believe in ” If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

This blog can help you providing information about HTT and nutrition


9.  Eat, Lift, and Be Happy :

Eat, Lift, and Be Happy blog believes in ” your life is an extraordinary adventure”. Neghar Fonooni is Blogger, personal trainer, and all-around badass helps to serve up equal parts fitness and nutrition tips and positive, empowering thoughts on self-love and self-acceptance on Eat, Lift, and Be Happy.


Ensure fitness and healthy living for African-American women is the mission of BLACK GIRLS RUN! JAY ELL ALEXANDER owner of BGR.Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks co-founders of BGR.
It is an African-American community. BGR also provide training and nutrition info, the blog covers beauty and lifestyle topics Their community is a growing number of members are about 160,000.


We hope these 10  healthy and fitness blogs will be useful to you for your fitness journey.

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